My name is Lisa. I was born 1981 and grew up in a small town on the Swedish westcoast. I enjoy  riding fast on my bike, strong coffee, a simple beat, talking to my mum, the smell of fresh snow and my Monday boxing practice. When I was seven years old I started going to church. Not because of my faith in God but everybody seemed so nice and warm in this gigantic room. And the old ladies had a strong smell of perfume and made delicious cookies to eat after the service. After a while I quit going to church and the older I got the more doubts I had about what God really was. But I realized the meaning of finding things in life that make you feel good. And there it was, playing music. Like God herself, Burt Reynolds, Patti Smith, Patrick Swayze, a good meal, Olof Palme or what and who you prefer to call God. Ever since, I've been singing and writing songs and playing the drums. 2010 I released my debut album Heart Monster Fear Machine.

Photo: David H Berggren

Har Varit Det is one of the songs I’ve written and produced for the swedish theatre and music show Having A Blonde Moment. Premiere November 27th at Folkoperan Stockolm. Right click the link below to download.